about me

I'm a Senior studying at the University of Washington and majoring in Informatics. I've had the great fortune of spending my initial years in the US, and later moved to India where I experienced social, cultural, lingual and religious diversity first hand. My perspectives have shaped my core values and strengths and I've come to realize that my passion lies in understanding people and empathizing with their needs. I further enjoy building my skills through my interdisciplinary classes and diverse leadership roles. 

Apart from my academics, I am a strong advocate for women in technology. As the Director of Diversity Efforts for Women in Informatics, I work closely with incredible women leaders to put together panels and events for our organization.

One of my recent initiatives as Director of Diversity Efforts has been to co-lead the iSquad Program that bridges the gap between first year and second year students in Informatics. We have teamed up 8 incoming students with 2 second year leaders to act as peer-advisors and mentors.