about me

I'm a Junior studying at the University of Washington and double majoring in Informatics and Human Centered Design and Engineering. I've had the great fortune of spending my initial years in the US, and later moved to India where I experienced social, cultural, lingual and religious diversity first hand. My perspectives have shaped my core values and strengths and I've come to realize that my passion lies in understanding people and empathizing with their needs. Taking classes and working with professionals have further amplified my interests in the fields of User Research, UX and UI, and this platform is exactly what I need in order to work towards my mission of giving back to society though technology. 

I’m assisting Professor Synder with her research at the iSchool. We are analyzing the psychosocial and cultural dynamics of using eSight glasses – an assistive technology that allows people with vision loss, the ability to see!

Apart from my academics, I enjoy watching Bollywood films and learning new dance forms. Currently I'm part of Seattle-based Bhangra team called Dub City Bhangra, but in the past I’ve taken up other dance forms like Swing, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and Bollywood.