Prototypes & Wireframes


Project Runway Wireframe

The objective of this project was to create an interactive fan site for BuddyTV to promote the show Project Runway. As the Executive Leader for the team, I ideated a couple key elements to interact with fans that we as a team later implemented in our wireframes.


Pilots n Paws

Our group is building a database for the nonprofit organization Pilots N Paws. Founded in 2008, Pilots N Paws connects members of the general aviation community with animals in need of transport to new adopted homes or shelters with no-kill policies in place. As an entirely volunteer organization, Pilots N Paws is essentially an ongoing rescue airlift of animals in need.

Presently, pilots interested in signing up for a transport mission have to scour an online message board with hundreds of posts requesting for help transporting an animal. Our group intends to build a mobile app to allow pilots to browse, sign up for, and discuss trips. We are still in the process of building this prototype to make it clickable.


Dawg shop  

This app provides a safe, affordable and accessible alternative to UW students to participate in secondhand transactions. My team and I built this prototype on Sketch and linked it on InVision to make it a seamless clickable experience.