Site Maps

Design thinking is an ideology that we all talk about, and one of the most important principle's of design thinking is critical thinking and implementing. In my past internships and course work, I have created site maps to help me understand the information architecture of  the website or application at hand. So before we start diving into re-designing a website, i's important to look into the existing structure and reflect on whether or not it is optimizing on the entire user experience.  


Sundance Film Festival


Current Sundance SiteMap

When I went through the current Sundance festival website, I found a lot of redundancy. There were many tabs and links that redirected to the same pages. Not only did it create a lot of ambiguity, it also made the entire user experience frustrating and hard to follow. I mapped this user flow as a base to propose another site map.


Proposed sundance Site Map

I redesigned the Sundance site map by creating a more well structured information flow. By reducing the redundancy and creating better pipelines, users will now have a more intuitive experience. If I were to now redesign this website, I would start by using this proposed site map as a guide and consequently test it back and forth with my users to optimize on the information architecture.