User research

Creating user personas and journeys are one of the first steps into understanding your user base. A step that many find unimportant, in reality is a crucial step towards empathizing with your users.




The best way to design for a user group, is to put oneself in their shoes. By creating personas, we as designers are putting a name to a face to better design for our intended audience. 

For one of my Design Thinking assignments at the UW's iSchool program, I created a user persona for an all time 'foodie.' I was assigned to create a persona for a user that would use Trader Joe's Delivery service, so I curated a promotional logo, along with a user group that would be targeted as the ideal user profile. I created this persona from scratch using Google Slides.

USER journeys

The next crucial step towards understanding your user is by mapping out a journey. As designers we need to think ahead on how our users are mostly likely to react to a certain situation. By keeping in mind 

During my summer 2016 internship at Design for Use, I was put on a small team of four to re design one of India's largest health insurance websites. One of my roles was to ideate and curate a user journey that us designers could use as a platform to understanding our user base throughout the design thinking process.